A Brief History

A Brief History


Established since 2001, the Information Systems study program has graduated Information Systems scholars who are able to compete in the entrepreneurial scene as well as in the field of information technology professionals. Supported by a curriculum that is constantly updated and in accordance with international standards and also reliable computer laboratory infrastructure facilities, the teaching and learning atmosphere is very conducive to achieving brilliant academic achievement. Education in information systems study programs is not only focused on hard skills but also balanced with soft skills learning that is proven to be able to put Information Systems graduates in quality positions in government, business and society.


In order to achieve its vision, FTI-Usakti Information Systems program has carried out cooperation with various parties, both domestically and abroad, educational institutions, government agencies, the business world and industry. Some of the cooperation programs owned by FTI-Usakti are as follows: Institute for Informational Industry Taiwan, Google Development Program, Oracle Academy,Directorate of Electronics and Telematics Industry of the Ministry of Industry, and so on.


Academicians Information Systems program FTI Usakti actively collaborates in carrying out tridharma higher education tasks, especially in research activities in various fields of data and information engineering and disseminates the results to the community through community service programs in several built areas, both in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bekasi and Pandeglang.

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