Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory

Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory

Head of Graphics and Multimedia Lab : Dian Pratiwi, ST, MTI
Laboratory Technician : Jhon Sumaryanto
Laboratory Assistant Period 2020-2021 Prophet princess Aprilia
Armia Riyan Setya
Fikri Khalish
Arviandri Naufal Zaki
Carlos Parlindungan Hutajulu
Muhammad Azamy

Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory Profiles

It is a laboratory that supports the activities of the academic community to carry out education, practicum or tasks from computer graphics courses, Geographic Information Systems, Game Programming, Image Processing, Data Visualization, Mobile Programming, and UI / UX.

In addition to supporting practicum activities, Computer Graphics and Multimedia laboratories also carry out various activities that implement other Higher Education Tridharma, such as:

  1. Community Service

This activity is carried out incidentally and programmatically every semester by students of Informatics and Information Systems Engineering study program together with lecturers, which is aimed at providing knowledge and skills to the general public, teachers and entrepreneurs / MSMEs in the form of:

  1. Animation Creation Training for Product Ads
  2. Web Content Management Training
  3. Creative Industries Training
  4. Blog Creation Training
  5. Game Making Training
  6. Product Image Design training and Video Editing
  1. Research

This activity is carried out to support lecturer research activities, both internal and external scopes (Dikti Ministry of Technology Grants and other resource grants), such as:

  • Geospatial Information Simulator
  • Handwriting Security Document
  • Personality Type Recognition System based on Handwriting
  • and others
  1. Computer Graphics Community

It is a community founded by a group of Informatics Engineering students with a concentration in Computer Graphics and under the supervision of the Head of the Computer Graphics Lab. This community was established since 2018 until now (url:,still remains active in carrying out various activities such as:

  • Develop training modules and practicums
  • Conducting programming training, both for internal USAKTI Informatics Engineering students and external parties / the general public
  • Participate in Community Service activities
  • Help promote the activities of USAKTI Informatics Engineering Department through social media
  1. Race

Computer Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory also supports students to be active in various competitions, by making the laboratory as a means to gather, discuss and equip themselves to participate in the race such as:

  1. PKM (Student Creativity Program)
  2. Melon JS
  5. Etc

Completeness in this laboratory consists of 15 computers / PCs with 8GB of memory i7 processor, 1 projector, 1 ac, 1 whiteboard, and 20 computer chairs.

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